Dry Aged Meat

Maturing process takes place in specialized ‘Dry Aging’ refridgerators in our shop, operating in lower than normal refridgerator temperature, where dry air circulation takes place. Whole chunks of meat are placed (e.g. complete steak spine) and stored for an extended period of time. Dry air circulates freely around the meat, removing moisture from it, slowly forming an external ‘dry dark shell’ sealing the meat internals.

However, internally with this procedure and with the specific temperature, useful enzymes contained inside the muscles are activated, breaking down proteins within aminoacids inside the cells. Additionally breaking down connective tissues within proteins

At the same time, a few carbohydrates contained by meat are converted to sugar making meat sweeter. The combined result of these reactions is realized in both taste and texture as well as the color.

After removal of the dry shell, what we get is superior quality meat compared to fresh, with five key characteristics.

  • Deeper red color, even brownish
  • Noticeably softer
  • Without being dry, has minimum water loss during roasting
  • Sweeter
  • Greater flavor intensity, more tasty often said as “umami”


Maturing process that creates a noticeable difference in taste, has to be at least 3 weeks long and for the majority, ideally around 45 days (6 weeks). This is the period required for the necessary changes to occur, in order to maximize the difference in taste and make it obvious and likable to the majority of the people.
From this point onwards, a few chunks (depending on race and breeding) can reach up to 60, 90 or 120 or even more days, acquiring even more complex taste patterns which satisfy a very specific audience which will have to pay the premium.

The chunks chosen for maturing process are selected from the highest quality animals that our firm handles.

wHat is dry aged meat?

This quick video will teach everything about this tasty meat.